Access Car

Who is it for?
This service is available to disabled individuals and to small groups or families where one member is disabled. It is particularly suitable for people who need to travel in their wheelchair. It can also be used by small voluntary groups for trips. The car has room for the driver and up to four passengers, one of whom may travel in a wheelchair.

When can it be used?
The Access car can be used for a few hours, all day, for a weekend or even a week's holiday.

What can it be used for?
Journeys can be for any social purpose - shopping, visiting, theatre trips, a family get together, days out, holidays - anywhere in mainland Britain.

How to book the Access car
Telephone 617828 between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday, giving as much notice of your journey as possible.

To drive the car you must be over 21 and under 70, and have held a full, clean driving licence for at least two years.

All drivers will be given full training on the vehicle and the safety and wheelchair securing equipment.

For further information and a list of our car hire charges please telephone Community Transport on 01793 617828. Typetalk 0800 515152 / 0800 959598 Text.